Indonesia’s Ambassador to Kuwait, HE Leena Marianna says Kuwait has shown interest in recruiting a significant number of medical personnel from Indonesia. This development stems from a memorandum of understanding signed between the two nations, outlining the collaboration to employ around 1,000 doctors, nurses, and technicians within Kuwait’s healthcare system.

The Ministry of Health of Kuwait officially acknowledged this effort through a recent statement, affirming its intention to reach out to various countries, including Indonesia, to facilitate the recruitment of medical practitioners for Kuwaiti hospitals.

The Indonesian envoy has expressed her gratitude for these initiatives. She highlighted that Kuwait’s Ministry of Health has conveyed its plans to enlist Indonesian doctors and nurses to serve in their public healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and clinics while at the same time emphasizing that this recruitment process aligns with the established memorandum of understanding between the governments of Indonesia and Kuwait, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Marianna further elaborated that a substantial number of Indonesian nurses have already been dedicatedly serving in Kuwaiti government hospitals for over two decades, with approximately 300 Indonesian nursing professionals employed across various healthcare facilities.

Addressing the ongoing discussions, Marianna stated that efforts are underway to draft a technical arrangement that will facilitate the cooperation necessary for the transfer of medical personnel from Indonesia to Kuwait.

Mariana emphasized Indonesia’s robust healthcare education system, produces a considerable number of skilled medical professionals, including nurses and caregivers.

She explained the recruitment procedure saying that the process will be meticulously conducted through the dedicated Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Board in the Republic of Indonesia (BP2MI), in accordance with the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Ministry of Health clarified that it has ceased engaging with intermediary companies for the recruitment of nursing staff since 2018, in accordance with relevant regulations. Instead, the application and recruitment for these medical positions will be formalized through memorandums of understanding established between the Ministry of Health and government institutions of countries exporting nursing personnel.

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