A new study that analyzed 20 selected cities around the world on the earning potential and the cost of living for residents in those cities, found Kuwait to rank in top position.

The list, published by ‘Workyard’, a US-based workforce management solutions provider, based its findings on an analysis of data from 20 cities where individuals can secure substantial earnings without a commensurate expenditure on living costs.

Workyard found that residents in Kuwait had an average per capita income of KD1,900 ($6,199), and the cost of living in the city amounted to just KD232 ($752.70). This exceptional positioning solidifies Kuwait as the foremost city globally for offering residents a highly favorable and budget-friendly environment, enabling them to retain a substantial portion of their earnings after fulfilling essential expenses, said the firm in its report.

The company clarified that the data originated from authoritative government employment sources. It compared the average monthly income for each city with the corresponding living expenses for the year 2023. The resultant rankings highlight cities that offer enticing prospects for those seeking a lifestyle characterized by both high income and low expenses. Notwithstanding the clarification on authenticity provided by Workyard, the data fallacies and shoddy research on Kuwait are too glaring to ignore. To begin with, the publishers were apparently unaware that Kuwait is a country and not a city, or that taking per capita income as representative of the earning potential of residents, would grossly deviate results from reality.

The Workyard report will undoubtedly provide yet another byte of inaccurate information that is likely to be widely shared, and probably ‘liked’, on social media platforms. The so-called ‘research and analysis’ goes on to note that three cities in the United Arab Emirates, namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, have also retained their positions in the list of the top 10 most affordable global cities, with Kuwait securing the coveted first place.

Abu Dhabi clinches the second spot, boasting a high income and a low cost of living at $7,154 per month in contrast to expenditures of approximately $873.10. Meanwhile, Riyadh secures the third place, featuring an average monthly income of $6,245, juxtaposed with living costs amounting to $814.90.

Beyond the Middle East, the Australian city of Melbourne stands out as an attractive location to reside in, offering an average monthly income of $7,312 alongside living expenses totaling about $1,079.20. In the global list, London and San Francisco occupy the eighth and ninth positions, with monthly incomes of $8,411 and $9,249 respectively, while sustaining living costs of $1,260.80 and $1,440.10 per month. Notably, Zurich and the Norwegian city of Oslo also hover near the top ten.

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