An integrated plan that has allegedly been approved is waiting for Cabinet approval to facilitate the football fans who will be converging on Doha, Qatar for the soccer fiesta set to kick of late November.

A local Arabic daily said, Kuwait plans to facilitate the fans by issuing them entry visas during the entire tournament and even providing accommodation in Kuwaiti hotels and transporting them to and from Qatar aboard special flights to make full use of the event to revive the economy.

The sources indicated that among the perceptions, the digital “Haya” card issued in Doha to fans is the key to obtaining services in Kuwait, especially the issuance of visas for fans, explaining that coordination is underway between Kuwait and Doha to facilitate the electronic linking process to ensure the reliability of the cards, to ensure the provision of high-quality services to those coming to Kuwait.

The sources stressed that the study showed that there is a great desire by the soccer crazy public to attend the World Cup, and accordingly, Kuwait will be happy to support the brothers in Qatar in this global event, noting that Kuwait plans to provide housing and hotels for those who could not avail this facility in Qatar.

The sources indicated that the plan needs the approval of the Council of Ministers, as high-level coordination will take place that includes government and private agencies, including the Ministry of Interior, the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the Youth and Sports Authority, the Federation of Hotels and Airlines and other relevant authorities, explaining that the prepared scenario is two-pronged — the first is that Kuwait acts as transit point for limited hours, before the fans head to Doha, and the other path is for the fans to stay in the country and move to and from Qatar, which is the most likely scenario to implement after obtaining official approvals.

The sources stated that the Cabinet’s directives to the concerned authorities are to fully facilitate everyone who wants to go to Doha to attend the matches, noting many it will bring many benefits to Kuwait, such as revitalizing the economic situation by restoring the services provided in the aviation sector, restaurants, hotels and transportation.

The most prominent government perceptions to carry out the mission

— Welcoming international fans in Kuwait
— Providing to and from Kuwait./Doha flights
— Providing best treatment/accommodation in Kuwait hotels
— Complete facilities for granting visas on arrival with ease
— The digital ‘Haya’ card issued by Doha is key to services in Kuwait

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