The Kuwait Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai hosted a series of workshops on children’s literature by renowned Kuwaiti author, Hiba Mandani. The workshops aimed to educate children through children’s stories that reinforce the curriculum they are taught in school.

The workshop used a diverse selection of children’s literature to encourage the children to use their imagination, develop creative skills, develop verbal competencies, and improve their listening skills.

Hiba Mandani is an award-winning Kuwait children’s author. She is known for bringing her own personal experiences to the page through imagination and creativity. She is an ardent advocate for using children’s literature to teach children.

Speaking on the importance of children’s literature in children’s education, Hiba Mandani said, “Children’s stories have proven to be an effective method of communicating broader social, scientific, and philosophical ideas to children.

Children are more likely to learn and internalize those learnings better when it is delivered to them in a way that they relate to. We want to use stories that reinforce the same concepts that kids learn in schools in a way that they can understand better.”

“Children are the future, and it is very important that we educate them the right way so that they can lead us all into a better tomorrow,” she concluded,

The workshops were held from 6 to 11 February at the Kuwait Pavilion in Expo 2020, Dubai.

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