Lieutenant General Alex J. Grynkewich, the Commander of the Air Force in the Joint Forces of the US Central Command, emphasized that the connection between the United States and the countries in the region goes beyond the American military presence while at the same time reiterating the strong partnership with Kuwait, and commitment to Kuwait’s security outside of NATO.

During a press conference at the US Embassy, General Grynkewich expressed admiration and deep appreciation for the capabilities of the Kuwaiti Air Force. He proudly acknowledged their longstanding collaboration since the 1990s, highlighting Kuwait’s possession of state-of-the-art defense equipment, including F-18 aircraft, reports Al-Rai daily.

He thanked Kuwait for the invaluable facilities and services provided to the American forces, aiding in the establishment of security and peace in the region.

General Grynkewich mentioned his frequent visits to Kuwait throughout the year for discussions with the Kuwaiti Air Force leadership regarding regional security, missile defense systems, and joint cooperation. He also commended the Ali Al-Salem Air Base, a critical logistical hub supplying essential provisions to American forces in the region.

General Grynkewich emphasized the seamless integration and interoperability between Kuwaiti and American aircraft, underlining the ease of joint operations. He pointed out the extensive joint exercises with NATO Air Force that have fostered familiarity with European aircraft.

He highlighted the harmonious collaboration between American and Kuwaiti pilots, emphasizing the formidable capabilities of the Kuwaiti Air Force.

Expressing concerns about the Iranian ballistic missile program in the region, General Grynkewich drew parallels to past events and the measures taken to protect Kuwaiti interests. He mentioned the bolstering of naval forces and increased naval presence in the region, which effectively deterred Iranian missile launches in the Gulf. He attributed this to a demonstration of unwavering commitment to regional security and safety.

General Grynkewich acknowledged the reduction in American forces in the region due to shifts in deployments, but highlighted the contribution of augmented naval vessels in maintaining stability. He underscored Kuwait’s significance as a vital partner alongside Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar in their collective efforts to address conflicts and preserve regional security.

He emphasized the ongoing efforts to enhance partnerships, trade, and investment relations with countries in the region.

Regarding the potential supply of F-35 aircraft to Kuwait, General Grynkewich clarified that the decision is beyond his purview. However, he expressed belief that the United States would consider such a request from Kuwait, underscoring their consistent support for Kuwait.

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