The Director of the Engineering Audit and Follow-up Department in the Farwaniya Municipality Branch, Saeed Al-Azmi, announced the closure of five basements in the governorate, durimg an inspection tour of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Farwaniya.

Al-Azmi confirmed in a statement to reporters that the campaign launched by the municipality this week in cooperation with the Directorate-General of Fire Department to detect violating stores in investment real estate continues on a daily basis in all governorates, reports a local Arabic daily.

He explained that basements in investment real estate have two legal uses — for car parks or as storage for the residents of the building.

He indicated that the team during inspection found wrong use of those basements, such as using them as carpentry or for storing dyes and highly flammable materials.

Al-Azmi pointed out that the supervisory team in the Farwaniya Municipality sent warnings to real estate owners not to misuse basements or exploit the property for the unauthorized purpose, indicating that the wrong use of these basements threatens people’s lives, as the ignition of these materials will pose a real danger to the residents of those buildings.

Last Thursday, the Kuwait Municipality launched a campaign in cooperation with the DGFD to inspect the violating stores in investment properties in the six governorates to ensure that their owners comply with the requirements of the Directorate-General of Fire Department.

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