The Kuwaiti Municipal Council on Wednesday elected its members Abdullah Al-Mehri as its chairman, and Khaled Al-Mutairi as his deputy by acclamation.

The council’s opening session also witnessed the election of members of the main committees, and the technical committee comprised members Hassan Kamal, Abdullatif Al-Daei, Alia AlFaris, Nasser Al-Kafif, Abdullah Al-Enezi, Munira Al-Amir and Nasser Al-Jadaan.

The council selected Fahad Al-Abduljader, Sharifa Al-Shalfan, Ismail Behbehani, Al-Mutairi and Al-Kafif for its legal and financial committee.

As for the Committee on Practicing Engineering Profession, the council chose Behbehani, Kamal, Al-Daei, Farah Al-Roumi and Al-Amir, while the Reform and Development Committee
recommended Al-Roumi, Al-Shalfan, Behbehani, Al-Daei and Al-Abduljader.

The council also elected the Expropriation Committee Alia Al-Farsi, Kamal, Al-Mutairi, and the Capital Governorate Committee, Kamal, Al-Amir, Behbehani, Al-Abduljader and Al-Jadaan.

Al-Roumi, Al-Shalfan, Al-Jadaan, Kamal and Saud Al-Kandari were also handpicked for the Hawalli Governorate Committee, along with Behbehani, Al-Enezi, Fahad Al-Muwaizri, Al-Mutairi and Al-Farsi for the Farwaniya Governorate Committee.

As for the Jahra Governorate Committee, Al-Daei, Al-Mutairi, Al-Amir, Al-Muwaziri, Al-Enezi, and the council recommended the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate Committee, Nassar AlAzmi, Al-Abduljader, Al-Kafif, Al-Farsi and Al-Roumi.

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