The Ministry of Health detected today, Friday, the infection of a citizen with ‘cholera’, who showed symptoms of the disease after returning from a neighboring country suffering from an outbreak of the disease.

The Ministry of Health said in a press statement that the necessary treatment was provided to the patient in one of the Ministry’s hospitals, and he was isolated until recovery was completed. Those who were in contact with him were dealt with according to the approved protocols and followed up with them to ensure their safety.

And she reassured that the chances of the disease spreading inside the country are out of the question, indicating the importance of taking precautions and caution for citizens and residents when traveling to any country where the epidemic is spreading, and making sure to avoid sources of drinking water and unsafe foods.

The Ministry called on those who show suspected symptoms (such as fever and diarrhea)within 7 days of their arrival from one of the countries where the disease is prevalent, to go to the nearest health center to receive the necessary advice and treatment, wishing everyone safety. – KUNA

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