Kuwait ranked third among the Gulf countries, and seventh in the world in terms of the number of new coronavirus infections, compared to the population, according to the “World Meter” index, which presents coronavirus statistics worldwide around the clock, Al Rai reported.

According to the number of infections per million inhabitants, the Gulf countries recorded a rise with Qatar ahead as the first country in the world with a rate of 43,358 infections per million, while the Kingdom of Bahrain came second in the world with a rate of 35209.
Kuwait is in third place in the Gulf and the seventh in the world, ahead of the highest-hit infected countries around the world such as Brazil, the United States, Colombia and Spain, although it recorded fewer total infections than these countries (95472 as of Monday). Its global advanced position is due to the percentage of infections measured per million of the population by 22290.

Oman ranked fourth in the Gulf and 12th in the world, with 15780 infections per million people. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Gulf country with the highest number of infections, with 325,651 cases, yet it is ranked fifth in the Gulf and 33rd globally, with a rate of infection per million people (9325). The situation of the United Arab Emirates is better than its neighbors, as it secured the sixth place in the Gulf and 37 in the world, with a total of 79,489 infections, and an average of 8,018 infections per million people.

In the Arab world, Iraq recorded a rate of 7186 infections per million people, placing it in the 45th position in the world, while Lebanon recorded 3565 injuries per million people, ranking 84th in relation to the countries of the world. Libya ranked 92 in the world at a rate of 3306 per million people, while Morocco recorded 2,282 injections per million people.
Although Egypt recorded a total of 101009 infections, the rate of infections per million people reached 983, placing it in the 132nd place in the world.

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