In conjunction with lifting Corona restrictions and allowing everyone to travel abroad, Kuwait Insurance Company and Insure & Secure announced the launch of the “Globe Travel” insurance product. Travel insurance has become one of the main requirements that many countries require to receive travelers, whether for a vacation or even for work. This comes to provide safety and peace of mind for travelers and help them face the difficulties they may face while abroad.

For his part, the CEO of Kuwait Insurance Company, Mr. Sami Sharif, said that because we pay great attention to our customers, we offer them a new product, which, in addition to protecting travelers from diseases, travel risks, and emergency medical and hospital costs resulting from illness or accident – God forbid – provides many new benefits, including coverage for 3 years, and a maximum security deposit of $100,000.

The insurance also covers other travel risks, such as the costs of canceling travel trips for reasons, the most important of which are the Corona virus, and the costs of quarantine accommodation resulting from infection with the virus for a period of 10 days. In addition to the aforementioned, it also covers the costs of flight delay for more than 4 hours or delayed arrival of baggage for more than 12 hours, evacuation costs and medical return home, and other coverages that have become part of the product, such as covering injuries due to winter or summer sports. Mr. Sherif explained that the “Globe Travel” product covers individuals over the age of 85 and has been designed to provide high benefits for individuals, families and groups, and within a thoughtful and reasonable cost.

He also added: the recent developments that have made travel insurance a mandatory aspect to ensure obtaining a visa to any destination, pointing to the high demand for this product. After the Corona pandemic, it became clear that there are many risks that were not considered, which prompted us to work on finding appropriate and developed solutions.

For his part, CEO of Insure & Secure, Mr. Satish Sharma, expressed his gratitude for this partnership with Kuwait Insurance Company, confirming all that Mr. Sharif said about the travel insurance policy. He added that the time has come for us to realize the importance of the travel insurance, which has become mandatory and even a condition for many countries to receive tourists and travelers, especially after the Corona pandemic. With the conditions that the customer must abide by.

To facilitate travel, all support services have been provided to the beneficiaries of the insurance through a unified call center, the 24-hour “WhatsApp” service, and through the international partner that will provide emergency assistance services to citizens traveling anywhere in the world, in addition to answering their inquiries and receiving Complaints and their treatment. The company added that this insurance will be marketed through its authorized agent, Insure & Secure.

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