The Kuwaiti security authorities are seeking to extradite to Kuwait the Egyptian who allegedly strangled his Filipino wife to death and escaped to Cairo Sunday evening with his 16-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter and left behind his third son in a nursery.

According to a local Arabic daily, there is an extradition treaty between Egypt and Kuwait which allows the extradition of criminals between the two countries.

The incident came to light after the Egyptian, born in 1976, allegedly sent an audio message to an expatriate building caretaker to inform the Ministry of Interior operations that his wife is dead and the corpse is inside the apartment.

He added, as soon as the Ministry of Interior received the report, the Ahmadi security personnel moved, accompanied by the Director of Ahmadi Investigations, Colonel Omar Al-Rasheed, moved to the apartment and found the Filipina dead. She was allegedly strangled to death as traces of suffocation were found on her neck. The corpse was then referred to Forensics.

The Ministry of the Interior said the criminal security sector is investigating the circumstances that led to the death of the victim but according to the testimony of the suspect’s neighbors and other residents of the building the relationship between the couple was good.

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