Official figures show the children’s toys, entertainment and sports market in Kuwait witnessed a growing boom over the past 7 years, while the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona virus did not limit its growth rates, as its operations increased in the year of Corona alone (2020) by more than 7% representing the increase in the volume of merchandise imports of the sector, which is a high rate compared to investment in sectors of economic weight that were affected during the crisis.

In addition, the children’s toys market in Kuwait witnessed a remarkable boom during 2021, as the value of its imports during the first 9 months of the year amounted to more than 42 million dinars, compared to 43.6 million dinars for entire 2020, which means that the volume of imports during the past year as a whole increased t record levels in the volume of imports of those items, reports a local Arabic daily.

In details, the sources noted that the children’s toys market is witnessing great momentum, as the demand for buying electric “scooters” of various sizes, bicycles and electronic games is increasing.

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