H.E. Alina L. Romanowski
Ambassador of United States of America

How do you spend the month of Ramadan in Kuwait?

Kuwait has many beautiful Ramadan traditions that I look forward to: exchanging ideas at ghabgas and diwaniyas, giving out sweets to children in their traditional dress for Girgiaan, and trying out traditional Kuwaiti dishes for futoor, like Tashreeb.

What do you like the most about this holy month?

Ramadan is a season of family, faith, community, and reflection; important aspects of life that can fall by the wayside in the midst of our day-to-day responsibilities. The holy month of Ramadan creates space to center oneself and focus on what we value most as human beings. I especially appreciate the concentration on philanthropy, and the many opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community.

Can you tell us how Muslims spend Ramadan in your country?

Throughout its history, the United States has been blessed by the contributions of people of many different faiths. Today, the United States boasts a thriving community of nearly four million Muslims from a diverse range of backgrounds, including thousands of Kuwaiti nationals who have chosen to make the United States their home while they study or work. Ramadan in America is not all that different from Ramadan in Kuwait. Prayer, fasting, going to mosques, gathering with family at iftar, and engaging in community service are hallmarks of the American Muslim experience during Ramadan.

Source: Al Rai

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