Some 32 years after the Iraqi invasion of 1990 and subsequent liberation the year after, the Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company marked the occasion by reproducing bread made during the country’s darkest time. Kuwaiti and expatriate staff, which worked during the invasion, had to use whatever material was available back then to produce bread by adding a combination of bran and ground wheat, and flour.

Speaking to KUNA on the issue, the company’s CEO Mutlaq Al-Zayed said that the product, the “1990 bread bag”, came to commemorate Kuwait’s stance against the brutal Iraqi aggression. He affirmed that the company was operated back then by staff from citizens and loyal residents, revealing that in the initial weeks of the invasion, bakeries worked at full capacity 24 hours and seven days a week.

The ordeal was tough due to the lack of technical staff that made sure that production lines went smoothly without a hitch and also the materials involved in bread production were limited, he added. He indicated that people back then had to wait in long lines before getting the much-coveted bag of bread.

Al-Zayed stressed that the company decided to commemorate the memory of the heroes who got involved in the mission to cover the needs of the people during the invasion, hence, the idea of the 1990 bread bag came to fruition.

The Kuwait flour mills company was established in 1961 and was joined by the KuwaitBakeries company in 1988, becoming one of the biggest food companies in the Gulf region. – KUNA

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