Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company (KFMB) is a major supplier to local market throughout the year, specially during the holy month of Ramadhan, which is due next week, providing a variety of products with very reasonable prices, contributing to food security, the firm’s CEO said.

KFMB’s factories will increase production of products mostly used throughout Ramadhan as well as offering new products, Mutlaq Al-Zayed said in an interview with KUNA Thursday. Elaborating on production, Al-Zayed said KFMB would be producing more white and brown Ruqaq (thin) bread, macaroni, vegetable oil, peeled and crushed wheat, and bakery products.

He said KFMB offered new fresh and frozen products like mini-pizza foundation dough, plain croissant or stuffed with chocolate, mozzarella cheese, strawberry, thyme, and pistachio cream. These products, he added, were already being sold at the Ramadhan food fair, held at International Fair Grounds in Mishref Area, and due until April 2.

Al-Zayed noted that demand for bread usually dropped early in Ramadhan but returned to its normal levels half-way through the month.
KFMB, said Al-Zayed, has been keen on honoring consumers’ needs and was also offering new products like protein bread, potato hotdog rolls, cream filled lemon biscuit, brioche, as well as sandwiches stuffed with cheese or labna and zaatar.

The company was established in 1961 and was known as Kuwait Flours Company. Production began in 1965. The company was merged with Kuwait Barkeries Company in 1988 to become KFMB and has been representing one of the major contributor of food security. – KUNA

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