Kuwait ranked last in the Gulf, sixth in the Arab world, and 55 globally in the 2023 Logistics Performance Index, which is issued by the World Bank every two years, to measure the ability of countries to transport goods across borders quickly and reliably.

The Logistics Performance Index for 2023, according to Al-Rai daily, measures the ranking of 139 countries in the world in the quality of infrastructure supporting logistics activities based on a survey on the performance of logistics services through 6 axes that include the efficiency of customs and border management in the speed and simplicity of clearance, the quality of trade and transport infrastructure, and the ease of arranging shipments, competitive prices, efficient and quality logistics services, the ability to track and trace shipments and merchandise, and the timing of shipments arriving at the scheduled location on time.

Singapore topped the results of the index, while Kuwait achieved 3.2 points out of 5 in the general index, ranking it 51st, along with Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary and Romania.

Kuwait also ranked 37th in the world in the axis of efficiency of customs and border administration in terms of speed and simplicity of clearance, after achieving an average of 3.2 points, while it ranked 30th in the world in the axis of transport infrastructure, after achieving 3.6 points.

It ranked 43rd in the world in the international shipments axis, achieving 3.2 points, and 65th in the world in the axis of efficiency and quality of logistics services, achieving 2.9 points, and 101st globally in the axis of the timing of the arrival of shipments to the scheduled location on time, recording 2.8 points; it ranked 49th globally in the ability to track and track shipments and goods, scoring 3.3 points.

At the level of Arab countries, the UAE came first (12th globally), followed by Bahrain (34th globally), then Qatar (36th globally), followed by Saudi Arabia (41st globally), then Oman (46th globally).

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