The positive Covid-19 pandemic indicators the country has been experiencing in the past few days has opened the door for the ‘Corona’ committee to study a number of new open-minded recommendations which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for appropriate decisions.

With the continuous decrease in Corona infections, a local Arabic daily says, the high recovery rate to 98.5% and the decline in the number of cases of infection, the Corona Committee will discuss during its next meeting, which precedes the Cabinet meeting, a number of recommendations that pave the way for the return of full life without any health restrictions.

The sources said that one of the most prominent recommendations is to do away with the PCR test for all students and teachers, and to allow people to enter closed places, such as theaters and cinemas without the need to obtain the PCR test with emphasis on checking the temperature, disinfecting places and following precautionary measures, as well as canceling the decision to give booster after the passage 9 months after receiving the second dose, which means making the third dose optional, and using the green color on the vaccination certificate for those who took the two doses.

On the issue of the unvaccinated, the sources explained that the time to encourage and raise awareness of vaccination will gradually end in the next stage, expecting to cancel some of their conditions at the airport within the proposed plans, but they have not been approved so far, explaining that the use of face masks is still under discussion, and it is expected that a recommendation will be submitted given the importance of wearing it.

The sources revealed that the health authorities — including the Covid 19 team — will adopt a package of decisions to organize hospitals to return to the normal situation, and the return of therapeutic work protocols, after the adoption of the new treatment (Paxlovid) for Covid 19 infection and its expected arrival soon and the return of Jaber Hospital to receive patients and conduct operations during the current month, and to end the work of the field center in the Mishref Fairgrounds and be satisfied with the vaccination centers only.

The most important recommendations expected:

■ Making wearing of face mask optional, with the recommendation of its importance

■ Return of the green color on certificates of those who have received the two doses

■ Gradual easing of unvaccinated restrictions at the airport

■ The return of Jaber Hospital to receive patients and perform operations

■ Adoption of a new treatment (Paxlovid) soon after its arrival

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