Official statistics show Kuwait’s exports to 15 countries around the world amounted to 20.6 billion dinars in 2021, of which 1.6 billion dinars came from non-oil exports.

Foreign trade statistics, according to a local Arabic daily show, that the UAE had the largest share of non-oil exports, with about 243 million dinars, while Saudi Arabia came next with 219.65 million dinars, followed by China with 215 million dinars.

Kuwait exported to India last year with about 211.7 million dinars and to Iraq with 152.3 million dinars, while Pakistan came after exports amounting to 94.16 million dinars.

The statistics show, the value of Kuwait’s exports to Qatar was 84.33 million dinars, to the Sultanate of Oman 44 million dinars, and then Jordan, with exports amounting to 39 million dinars.

Other countries to which Kuwait exported during the year 2021 are Singapore (25.5 million), Egypt (23.52 million), Portugal (21.1 million), Turkey (19.95 million), Bahrain (17.3 million) and Malaysia (17 million).

On the other hand, Kuwait imported goods worth about 9.61 billion dinars in 2021 from about 15 countries topped by China with about 1.72 billion dinars, followed by the UAE about 1.14 billion dinars, America with about 768.7 million dinars, Japan about 554 million dinars, Saudi Arabia about 508.78 million dinars and India by about 500.6 million dinars.

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