With the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, beggars take advantage of the spiritual atmosphere and prowl in residential areas causing security issues.

What is remarkable about the phenomenon of beggary is that beggars take a variety of ways, some begging claiming illness and showing ‘tailored’ medical reports, and others claiming physical disabilities to play with the feelings of citizens and residents, and then get cash.

The Ministry of Interior in anticipation of this has prepared a plan to combat this phenomenon that is alien to society, which is more prevalent in the holy month, noting that the General Administration of Residence Affairs has set up a specialized security team from its various departments to follow up and get rid of begging and control beggars, especially in the market places and mosque areas and refer them immediately to the concerned department.

A local Arabic daily quoting informed sources said security squads will continuously report on the status and activity of companies, institutions and individuals colluding with beggars, and recommend that they never be allowed to issue work and visit visas.

The sources explained that the instructions issued are clear and explicit, and stipulate placing a ‘block’ on the company that brings people on a visit visa and are caught begging for alms. As for those who have valid residence on corporate sponsorship, and are caught begging, severe penalties will taken against the company, and for women on Article 22 (family visa) and are caught begging will be deported along with all her family members.

In the ‘Kuwait of Humanity’, every hungry person finds food, and every needy receives support and assistance, and with the presence of many officially recognized charitable associations and charitable institutions, aid is provided to the needy in various ways and in legitimate ways.

6 security measures to arrest beggars

  1.  A squad specialized in arresting beggars
  2. Deporting the beggar and all his family members
  3.  Blacklisting the sponsor if the person is caught begging
  4. Sending warning messages to citizens and residents
  5.  Receiving complaints against beggars and quickly dealing with them
  6.  Coordination with the concerned authorities to combat the phenomenon

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