With a score of 53 percentage points, Kuwait ranked 111th globally in the 2022 edition of the annual “Bribery Risk Index” prepared and issued by the international organization “TRACE” which specializes in monitoring and combating corruption in all its forms in the fields of finance and business.

Kuwait’s ranking declined for the third year in a row according to the same index, as it was ranked 95 globally in the 2021 edition and 83 in the 2020 edition, while it ranked 121 in 2019 out of 200 countries, reports a local Arabic daily.

Although Kuwait’s ranking declined 16 places in this year’s version compared to the previous year, it is still in the “medium risk” category. In the Arab world, Kuwait ranked fourth after Jordan, Tunisia and the UAE, which ranked 65th, 76th and 79th globally, respectively.

While the first five places in the world were shared by Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark, the last five places were occupied by Venezuela, Syria, Equatorial Guinea, Turkmenistan and North Korea.

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