In the space of a week, an Egyptian woman and a Danish woman of Arab origin are reported to have taken to social media to condemn the behavior of staff at Kuwait International Airport.  The

Egyptian woman has been accused of verbally insulting Kuwait and airport staff while in transit from Bahrain, while the Danish woman is said to have posted an offensive video clip on Kuwait and airport staff.

In response to these incidents, the General Department for Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior issued a statement in which it said: The government of Kuwait will not tolerate anyone if either the country or the employees at the Kuwait International Airport are subjected to ridicule or verbal abuse, saying such incidents are punishable by the laws of the country. The statement added that legal procedures have been initiated against both women.

Elaborating on the recent event involving the Danish woman, the ministry pointed out that she arrived at Kuwait airport accompanied by her daughter and applied for a tourist visa. The officials at the airport discovered the validity of one of the passports was less than six months and the extension was handwritten, which violates the terms and conditions for entry visa.

Since the hand-written extension raised suspicions, the duo were referred to the concerned authority and then to the airport hotel in preparation for their return back to the country they arrived from.

In the meantime, the Danish Foreign Ministry was contacted and the latter confirmed the validity of the handwritten extension and immediately a tourist visa was issued to them. Later, following her departure from Kuwait, she posted a video clip maligning Kuwait and airport staff, despite the fact that the staff were courteous and following rules based on international protocols. Such behavior will not be tolerated, said an official at the Interior Ministry

The ministry pointed out that all airport employees work around the clock with total dedication to serve all visitors to the country. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has recognized Kuwait International Airport as among the most advanced and developed airports, when it comes to the application of stipulated safety and security measures and in its commitment to international protocols in receiving visitors, the ministry added.


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