Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organizations Affairs Counselor Abdulaziz Al-Jarallah affirmed Kuwait’s support for all international efforts to help mitigate and protect the environment and create a clean environment, pointing to continued cooperation and coordination with the United Nations in this field to achieve sustainable development goals and help troubled countries.

Al-Jarallah said in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of his participation in the Ghabga, which was held by the United Nations office in the country in celebration of the Earth Day and in appreciation of the efforts of the Friends of the Environment. Pointing out that Kuwait is a supporter of the agreements related to the environment, Al-Jarallah added that protecting the environment needs joint international action, and it is the duty of all.

He expressed his happiness to represent the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah in sponsoring the ceremony, as well honoring the efforts made by the United Nations House in Kuwait to support Kuwaiti youth and the strategic relationship between Kuwait and the United Nations, especially in this important topic for Kuwait and related to the International Day for Earth Security.

He added, “We will continue this effort and look forward to participating in Cop 27, which will be held in Cairo next November, and the participation of countries to develop a clear plan to mitigate global damage to the environment, given that this planet is for everyone and we need to live in a clean and healthy planet suitable for everyone.”

He affirmed Kuwait’s commitment and support for the special conventions on climate change and the environment, adding, “We believe that this is a duty and a common but differentiated responsibility.” He stressed the need for joint international action to protect the environment, pointing to continuous cooperation with the United Nations in this field,and noting that Kuwait is in continuous communication and coordination to support these goals, as well as assist troubled countries to overcome this matter.

He pointed out that empowering youth to help formulate state public policies is an essential part of the state’s plan, pointing to the great role played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Authority for Youth in this field, as we have creative Kuwaiti youth who need opportunity and assistance.

Regarding Kuwait’s participation in international organizations, Al-Jarallah pointed to Kuwait’s experience, which he described as “successful in the Security Council during 2018-2019, which was highly praised,” adding, “Now, Kuwait has joined the United Nations International Trade Council, and we have also joined the UNESCO Executive Council six months ago.” In turn, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Resident Coordinator of the State of Kuwait, Dr. Tariq Al-Sheikh, said the role of young people as active agents for development, and the importance of ensuring that they are listened to and that their concerns and solutions are taken into consideration.

The United Nations in Kuwait also announced during the ceremony the opening of registration for the Youth Climate Action Collaboration, which aims to bring together key actors made up of local environmental experts, UN agencies, local NGOs, traditional media partners and other emerging partners, the private sector, the international community and government institutions. mandated to develop an effective and coordinated mechanism for the exchange of information so as to ensure meaningful participation of the community in the event.

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