During the celebration to commemorate ‘World Peace Day’ which was organized by the Women’s Development and Peace Institute, former Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Nasser reiterated Kuwait’s commitment to peace and humanitarian work, he further affirmed that Kuwait has been and remains at the forefront of peace-loving countries in the world and that its charitable hands have reached all corners of the globe.

The Women’s Development and Peace Institute held the event under the theme “Working for peace, our ambition for achieving global goals.” The United Nations recognized Kuwait’s commitment to humanitarian work and launched a center in 2014 named after the country. The late Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, was also given the title for his contributions to humanitarian work.

The celebration also featured an exhibition titled “The Pen of Peace,” showcasing a collection of paintings by Kuwaiti visual artists. The artwork expressed the importance of peace and the need for it.

During the event, participants emphasized that peace is not exclusively linked to politics and diplomacy alone. For the attainment of peace, there must be teamwork, cooperation, unity, and equality among individuals, groups, and countries. The speakers called for the utilization of media and modern technological means for confronting ideological extremism, emphasizing that peace is an ethical and moral imperative.

The Vatican’s ambassador, H.E Eugene Nugent, in his speech, expressed that peace is not just restricted to the realm of politics and diplomacy, but also intertwined with culture, morals, and conscience. He stated that achieving peace involved bringing together various groups of people from different races, religions, and positions, and cooperating as individuals, groups, and countries in political, social, and economic life to include everyone.

The event was attended by officials, including Dr. Makfoula Akkatt, advisor to the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Dr. Intisar Sagheeroun, an expert at the Arabic Manuscripts Institute in Cairo, and former Minister of Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Sudan. Also, Father Bishoy Bejoul, the sponsor of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Kuwait.

The participants in the event expressed their hope for peace to spread throughout the world and called for efforts to fight inequality, climate change, and enhance and protect human rights in building a sustainable and peaceful world.

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