The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a workshop on sustainable development goals, in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, with the participation of government institutions and agencies, in addition to representatives of the private sector, as part of the activities of the Sustainable Development Week.

A local Arabic daily said, the Assistant Director General of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Imad Al-Zaid, said: The Chamber’s organization of the workshop on sustainable development goals comes within the framework of Kuwait’s preparation for its second voluntary report, VNR2, appreciating the initiative of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to involve the private sector in this report.

He stressed that the Chamber will spare no effort in educating the private sector, and urging it to contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development, expressing optimism in presenting the general picture of the desired goals, which are hoped to be achieved in the near future.

In turn, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Dr. Khaled Mahdi, the Chamber’s cooperation to achieve the goals of sustainable development, pointing to its positive role and its relentless pursuit to translate the desired goals, through its active presence in the Permanent National Committee for Sustainable Development.

Mahdi considered the workshop as an expanded national dialogue focusing on development partners in the private sector, pointing out that it also serves Kuwait’s second report in measuring the progress made with the sustainable development goals, through cooperation and partnership with private sector institutions, and achieving a national supportive base for the development goals.

The Director of the National Observatory for Sustainable Development, Iqbal Al-Tolayhi, praised the role of the Chamber in spreading awareness through the workshop and its role in defining the goals of sustainable development, explaining that the Supreme Council for Planning invited all state agencies, who have reports in the field of sustainable development, to submit them to the National Committee To implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, stressing that the aim of the report is not just presentation, but rather an illustration of Kuwait’s true image and the positives and obstacles it faces.

During the workshop, the United Nations expert on sustainable development, Dr. Francois Farah presented the development goals, which included an explanation of the most prominent national actors concerned in one way or another with sustainable development, the methodology for documenting the path of sustainable development, and the extent to which Kuwait adopted sustainable development goals and included them in national development plans, in addition to presenting general indicators of development significance for Kuwait, and the challenges and the main gaps it faces in this area, in addition to assessing the progress achieved in the sustainable development goals.

The report pointed out that Kuwait ranks 101 out of 163 countries, after achieving 64.5% of all sustainable development goals globally and 58.2% regionally.

He pointed out that the total expenditures of Kuwait in the year 2020/2021 on education amounted to 12.2%, as the expenditures of the Ministry of Education accounted for 9.3%, and the Ministry of Higher Education 2.7%, while the expenses of the first chapter, compensations for workers in the Ministry of Education, amounted to the largest share of the total compensations for workers in Kuwait at a rate 25.4%.

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