After announcing the results of those admitted to Kuwait University and the number of vacant seats in some of the university’s colleges, the university administration is expediting the process of admission for foreign outstanding students who will be accepted after paying all their expenses, instead of waiting for the next academic year as announced by the university in advance, and this is a prelude to increase the classification of Kuwait University at international level.

A local Arabic daily said these students are expected to be given admission in the first semester, indicating that the the university administration seeks to work on everything that can improve its classification and raise the level of Kuwait University.

The sources pointed out that this step aims to raise the academic level in the faculties, by accepting outstanding and distinguished students, similar to the most prestigious universities in the world, which will reflect positively on two levels — to raise the academic level of some faculties and the second is to achieve one of the conditions of international rankings depending on the percentage that will be acquired by the foreign students.

The sources indicated that the university’s director asked those concerned with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to seek to work on re-designing admission programs and systems to suit the new segment of foreign students, so that the university could open the door for them to apply.

According to the figures, the number of vacant seats in the College of Administrative Sciences reached about 550, where the college accepted 398 male and female students of the total 950 seats, which the sources attributed to the college’s insistence not to reduce the admission requirements in the college, in compliance with the standards of education quality and the desire of From the Deanship of the College to ascertain the level of applicants for admission to the College, in aptitude tests.

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