In its quest to raise its global ranking, Kuwait University is determined to intensify interest in scientific research and expand its production in order to enhance the university’s research participation, within the databases of famous research institutions.

In this regard the Planning Sector has sent a letter to the Rector of the University, Dr. Youssef Al-Roumi to attract visiting professors to colleges to activate and stimulate scientific research, and deprive professors from teaching in the summer semester or undertake an additional burden if they have not provided a noticeable research during the academic year.

The work team of the “Enhancing Research Production” initiative in the planning sector at Kuwait University concluded a number of recommendations aimed at improving and upgrading research production, the most prominent of which are related to scientific departments and faculty members.

The recommendations set rewards for faculty members in the event of publication in scientific journals rated Q1, and the amount of one thousand dinars for the first paper, and 500 dinars in the event of publishing another paper, and a reward of 500 dinars for the first paper published in a magazine rated Q2, and 250 dinars for other scientific papers published in these magazines.

The team recommended linking the promotion of the supporting faculty member in the scientific departments to publishing a scientific paper in an approved journal, and participating in a scientific conference, in addition to motivating faculty members to participate in the membership of the editorial board in journals listed in ISI and SCOUPS, while alerting them to continue publishing scientific papers.

The team recommended the necessity of motivating undergraduate students in publishing, especially graduation projects, whether with a scientific paper or a “poster” in a scientific conference.

In the field of research jobs, the team recommended attracting visiting professors in colleges, in order to fill the positions of the distinguished visiting researcher chair, researcher chair, and post-doctoral researcher, revealing that these jobs are available at the university, but they are not clearly announced, and they have only been done in a few cases, adding, “The appointees There are only two researchers in a post-doctoral researcher, and there are no appointments to the distinguished visiting researchers.

In its recommendations, the team went on to amend the list of missions affiliated with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs, requiring the scholarship student to pledge to publish or submit to publish at least one scientific paper in an accredited scientific journal before completing the scholarship at the doctoral stage, to pledge to write the body of affiliation as two bodies.

Recommendations to stimulate scientific research

01 – Priority in teaching “summer” and “additional” to professors with the most research output

02 – Motivating undergraduate students to publish, especially graduation projects

03 – Amending the conditions for appointment to the distinguished visiting researcher chair positions

04 – Announcing research jobs in the official channels of the university

05 – Amending the list of missions affiliated to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs

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