The Kuwaiti Society for Quality Education has warned the Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research of consequences if members of the so-called Abdali cell are hired by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training since they are convicts and the Court of Cassation has found them guilty of committing crimes against state security.

The society said, in a statement, a copy of which has been obtained by a local Arabic daily, that when it warns the minister, and commends the position rejecting the appointment of Mubarak Al-Tasha Al-Rashidi, and at the same time expresses its regret for the shameful position — the silence of the majority of the members of the National Assembly towards this academic farce that strikes the very foundations and values of education.

How can someone who committed a heinous crime be allowed to be responsible for delivering this lofty message to our students, the society asked.

The statement added, the society categorically rejects the decision to re-appoint, it denounces their re-appointment, knowing that the opinion of the fatwa and legislation came with the word “permissibility” to appoint them and not obligatory, so the public interest and the interest of our students should have prevailed by refraining from appointment, except contrary to that, therefore, their decisions were signed, which will result in those convicted of the crime of high treason standing before our students, while they should not be allowed to enter the applied educational campus under any justification, or even be appointed to administrative positions as was recently reported, which will not be tolerated.

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