The Kuwait Real Estate Association renewed its demand for the government to establish a new query system for the data of real estate owners and tenants, similar to the CI-net credit inquiry system approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait and local banks, to review the history of rental record in real estate transactions related to the rental sector.

The union said in a statement that the proposed system focuses on clarifying the historical rental record of all real estate owners as well as tenants, so that the picture is clear to both parties before undertaking any real estate transaction in this regard, since the practice has many advantages including regulating the relationship between the two parties, reports a local Arabic daily.

The association explained that the historical record will include the status of the tenant, whether he is an individual or a company, in terms of the obligation to pay or not, and whether there are cases filed against him related to non-compliance with previous contracts or not, and that the automated system must include all rental units such as shops, apartments, offices administrative units and others.

The union stressed that the establishment of such a system will contribute to the protection of real estate owners from non-compliant tenants, which in turn contributes to reducing recourse to the judiciary and mitigating the judicial facility resulting from reducing the number of cases related to clients’ failure to pay their rental obligations, noting that the absence of information contributes significantly in fomenting “chaos” that currently exists in the relationship between the two parties, which has left many rental disputes and increased the volume of cases before the judiciary.

This is in addition to the continuation of cases of tenants and real estate owners each fighting for their rights.

The Real Estate Union had earlier demanded the Ministry of Justice to grant real estate owners the right to judicial inquiry about rents only, after obtaining an authorization signed by the potential tenant to authorize the owner, according to an approved form that is entered into the query system by the owner, and the need for this system necessitated during the pandemic after receiving many complaints by the union from the real estate owners, due to their inability to inquire about the tenant, which led to confusion of the rental process, especially in light of the owners’ inability to know the legal status of the tenant, or to ensure that there are no legal problems before concluding leasing contracts.

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