As part of its constant endeavor to relieve business owners during crises and as a step that embodies the solidarity of Kuwaitis, the Kuwait Real Estate Company has called on the owners whose shops were razed to the ground by the huge fire that engulfed the historic Al-Mubarakiya Market, to contact the company.

A local Arabic daily said the KREC will allow those affected to carry out their business activities through the Kuwait Market and the Grand Bazaar.

Bader Jassim Al-Hajri, Vice President of Real Estate Department at Kuwait Real Estate Company, said: “The company will provide shops to owners which were destroyed by fire in both the Kuwait Market and the Grand Market at symbolic prices for a year, with a grace period of up to six free months.”

He added, “This is not our first initiative in the field of community service, as the company has launched and implemented many initiatives that contributed to alleviating the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, which negatively affected the shops and restaurants sector in particular and the national economy in general.”

Al-Hajri went on to say, “The company spares no efforts to alleviate the sufferings and takes the initiatives that benefit all sectors of the national economy in public interest.

Therefore, the company is ready to contribute to the redevelopment of the Mubarakiya area, given its heritage, popular, touristic and commercial status.”

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