For the production of unsaturated polyester resin as well as in the manufacture of coatings, pharmaceutics, agricultural products, surfactants, and as an additive of plastics, glass-fibre-reinforced plastics, as well as in lubricant oil additives, in addition to other industries such as food and personal care products the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is floating an opportunity for qualified investors to establish a maleic plant in Kuwait.

In this regard, a local Arabic daily said, the KPC has expressed its desire to sell “n-butene” product through long-term contracts to a local or international investor, since the total quantity initially amounts to about 30,000 tons annually, to be used locally as feedstock to establish a factory for the production of “maleic anhydride” inside Kuwait, provided that the transport of “n-butene” is carried out by the investor through pipelines.

The KPC called on those wishing, local or international investors, if they have the much needed capabilities to purchase and exploit the “n-butene” product, to establish the plant referred to in this article in Kuwait, to submit a request for a desire before September 22, with a statement of the company’s financial position, activity, products and services.

The KPC also wants those wishing to invest to indicate whether the investor owns the required technology or the license required for that and indicate previous experiences in the field of “maleic anhydride” industries, if any, and to indicate the availability of industrial land for the establishment of the project with its area, or the investor’s plan to obtain the required industrial land.

The KPC called on the advanced investor to explain his approach to maximizing local content, in the following areas — employment of Kuwaiti workers (job opportunities expected to be provided to Kuwaitis, with an indication of the expected percentage of Kuwaiti workers; a statement of the expected volume of local spending in supplying materials and services for the project; a feasibility study for the project, if any, or a statement of the plan that the investor will follow in preparing the feasibility study.

This is in addition to the proposed initial timetable for the establishment of the project. She said that applicants’ requests for a declaration of desire will be received according to what was stated until Sept 22, 2022, and no applications submitted after this date will be considered, and all desire requests that meet the conditions and are supported by the necessary documents will be examined, and any requests for desire in violation of that will be excluded.

The investor (applicant) is solely responsible for disclosing any information that contains intellectual property, whether it is for him or for someone else, upon submission by providing the “n-butene” product to the winning investor in the bidding according to international prices.

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