The Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) has requested the municipality to provide it with the procedures taken by the concerned departments to identify the geographical borders of the Shuwaikh port in full, and fixing its affiliated areas, including the Al-Daffan area as the KPA is determined to establish a new container terminal.

In a letter addressed to the municipality, the Al-Qabas daily said, the Kuwait Ports Corporation clarified the objectives of developing and expanding its Shuwaikh port, which are:

– Serving maritime trade to enhance economic growth in Kuwait in order to achieve the vision of a new Kuwait 2035.

– Increasing the efficiency of the port’s work by studying the redistribution of spaces within the port and defining their uses, including storage spaces to meet future needs.

– Receiving ships of a larger size commensurate with current and future needs.

– Re-planning of the spaces available for receiving and handling containers and cargo with better efficiency, and providing better capabilities for transshipment of goods.

– Increase the annual revenue of the enterprise.

– Application of international standards for ports and port security.

The KPA explained that the scope of the study and design work required for the development and expansion of Shuwaikh port includes a container terminal in the Daffan area located in the northeast of the port, with the construction of deep berths for container ships, including dredging and reclamations works, a general cargo station, and a passenger station opposite Berth No. 3 to receive cruise passengers.

This is in addition to deepening and widening the water channel leading to the port of Shuwaikh, in addition to the construction of administrative buildings for the authorities that must be located within the port borders to operate the port with high efficiency, and the creation of a customs inspection area for the ease and speed of the inspection and customs clearance process, a ship repair dock, a boat storage yard, and refrigerated stores.

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