The union of employees of the Kuwait Oil Company announced that it will take escalatory steps if the problems of workers in the company and the oil sector are not resolved.

The head of the union, Abbas Awad, said during a press conference held yesterday at the headquarters of the Petroleum Workers’ Union in Ahmadi that the most important demands of the company’s workers are the new promotion system, the speedy completion of cashing balance leave, the payment for front-line workers and the resolution of pending labor files, according to a local Arabic daily.

Awad stressed this is to get rid of injustice suffered by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) workers pointing out that there are officials who use the system incorrectly.

He added, “We have a system and regulations in Kuwait Oil Company, so why do you create systems that harm workers, we are with any amendment that depends on the application of efficiency,” and called on officials to give the oil sector the right to disburse the rewards to the front lines.

He pointed out that the salaries of oil sector workers have not changed since 2011, which is the lowest compared to our colleagues in some countries, despite the rise in all prices and the increase in the cost of living. He stated that the workers of the oil sector have maintained production and continue to work day and night to increase production at a time when oil prices have increased globally, the state budget deficit has been offset and this is with the effort of a worker from the people of this sector who deserves to achieve its just demands.

Awad said: “We are optimistic about the current stage of the nation’s representatives and the selection of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to form the new government,” expressing his hope that it will be a real reform government, stressing that reform begins with giving workers their just rights.

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