The Executive Vice President for Gas and Innovation at the Kuwait Oil Company, Bader Al-Munifi affirmed that natural gas is a vital component of the global energy mix, and is considered one of the best sources of energy for Kuwait.

Al-Munifi’s statements came during a speech he delivered at the conference and exhibition of gas manufacturers in the Gulf states that was held at the Regency Hotel recently, as he indicated that in light of the strategic directives of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, KOC seeks to rehabilitate the infrastructure to increase the exploration and production of natural gas in all fields of Kuwait, especially for non-associated gas (free) in Jurassic reservoirs.

He added that the gas reservoirs consist of narrow and deep geological layers, which may reach 18,000 feet, and they are complex and costly to drill, with high pressure and high acidity.

Al-Munifi pointed out that the transfer and distribution of gas through the KOC network requires the company to take advantage of the flexibility of gaseous fuel pipeline networks, and manage its fluctuating pressures through its gas boosting stations under successful technical management to meet the requirements of the refining sector and then the consumer sector.

He said, “With these challenges in mind, in addition to the unexpected dynamic fluctuations of the gas markets, we must set plans with a fixed path, and clear objectives for the development of this wealth and to achieve optimal exploitation economically and environmentally to ensure an optimal value chain for natural gas in Kuwait.”

Al-Munifi explained that gas production requires managing a balance between domestic production and additional imports of liquefied natural gas to ensure the exploitation of clean gas energy.

He added that the first step is taking place in coordination between the concerned parties in the gas field, on strengthening the continuity of the natural gas value chain in Kuwait, by securing the quality, quantity and specifications of natural gas in accordance with a common business model consisting of an administrative framework that defines the basis for its consistency with gas standards in each of the steps.

He added that the second step is taking place by convergence, by laying down specific foundations for the energy system in Kuwait in the future by unifying the gas system with other energy systems to achieve the optimal balance between the economy, the environment and sustainability.

“Our national capabilities are built through investing in the human element, which is the basis for success and sustainability, through training, development and education to reach the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness,” Al-Munifi said.

He stressed that it is important to provide all the resources through which to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and development, activate the role of scientific and technological progress and innovation, and enhance cooperation with educational institutions in all their activities to achieve the goals and ambitions of developing the energy system in Kuwait.

Al-Munifi pointed out that there is an integrated system to unify the sources of local energy flows in Kuwait through an integrated system that links hydrocarbon production and power generation, thus giving a balance between domestic gas production and liquefied natural gas imports, and linking energy producers and consumers in Kuwait.

Al-Munifi explained that the gas system in Kuwait is integrated, and it starts from extracting and producing natural and associated gas in “Kuwait Oil” and the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company and importing it through the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, passing through its treatment in the “National Petroleum”, to supplying it to the electric power generation stations of the Ministry electricity.

He pointed out that maintaining and increasing production rates and extracting natural and associated gas from Jurassic oil fields is one of the most important sustainability challenges.

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