The Kuwait Oil Company made a quick decision to seek the help of a large international company specialized in leakage cases, the Wild Whale Company, to deal with the oil spill accident in the west of the country, as a result of which Kuwait Oil company declared a state of emergency.

Sources confirmed to Al Rai that this decision to deal with the accident contributes to quickly controlling the leakage and finding out its cause, revealing that the leakage came as a result of a crack in a water spring to mix water with oil.

The CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, Ahmed Al-Aidan, had paid an inspection visit to the leak site in the company’s operations area in western Kuwait, where he was acquainted with a number of company officials and supervisors of emergency management at the site, and details of what happened and the measures that were taken since the moment of the accident, which was successful in avoiding any injuries to the workers.

Al-Eidan also listened to an explanation about the ongoing procedures to ensure the closure of the accident as soon as possible and the return all matters to normal, in addition to introducing him to the details of the efforts made by the concerned parties in all the teams and departments responsible for the work to confront the leakage to ensure that its area does not expand, and to adhere to all procedures followed in the company in such situations.

He noted that the all concerned teams of KOC are present at the site and are dealing with the accident according to the procedures followed in the company, adding that the company will announce the latest developments.

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