Despite the slow pace of awarding and signing new contracts in the oil sector during the past months, the Kuwait Oil Company currently has lined up 21 contracts and has submitted to the Central Agency for Public Tenders awaiting bids for those tenders during the coming period, amid expectations of accelerating the pace of receiving bids and not extending and deciding on awards during the coming period.

Many contractors are counting on accelerating the launch of new contracts in the oil sector, after the recession that dominated all KPC subsidiaries during the past months, reports a local Arabic daily.

The Kuwait Oil Company has a huge set of new projects to be implemented during the current fiscal 2022/2023, coinciding with the improvement in oil prices and Kuwait’s desire to maintain and increase production levels after complete liberation from the production reduction agreement implemented by the (OPEC +) alliance. Kuwait was one of the countries committed to production levels over the past years.

The data showed that the contracts offered by the Kuwait Oil Company in the Central Agency for Public Tenders are as follows:

1 – Providing services for unified petroleum software

2 – Providing repair and renovation services for production facilities in the southern and eastern regions of Kuwait

3 – Security, safety and supervisory control system improvements and data acquisition for Jurassic Wells in North Kuwait.

4 – Services, cleaning and related works in the regions of south and east Kuwait.

5 – Establishment of (2) new electrical sub-stations with a voltage of KV 132 and related overhead lines in North Kuwait, and the establishment of new overhead lines with a voltage of 33 KV in West Kuwait.

6 – Comprehensive maintenance and operational support for gas facilities in southern and eastern Kuwait.

7 – Comprehensive maintenance and operational support for gas facilities in North and West Kuwait.

8 – Rental of mass transit vehicles and utility vehicles.

9 – Maintenance support services for export facilities.

10 – Operation and maintenance services for mechanical equipment and air cooling systems in Ahmadi Hospital.

11 – Modernization and development of the gas and condensate network in the East Kuwait region.

12 – Installing pipes to reuse treated surplus water from the Kuwait National Petroleum Company in the facilities of the Kuwait Oil Company.

13 – Support services for workshops.

14 – Raising the efficiency of water management facilities.

15 – Development of chemical injection and monitoring system in North Kuwait facilities.

16 – Thermal test facilities (North and South).

17 – Replacing the compressed air system for precision machinery and for the facility’s air system in East Kuwait assembly centers.

18 – Consulting services to assess the impact of operations on Kuwait through the use of an air quality monitoring network and resource allocation.

19 – Replacing the compressed air system for precision machines and the facility air system in the assembly centers of southern Kuwait.

20 – Maintenance services for production facilities in the northern regions of Kuwait.

21 – Design, construction and supply of Dob and other boats to combat and recover oil pollution.

On the other hand, a state of anticipation dominated the signing of contracts in the Kuwait Oil Company during the month of July, and financial data obtained by the daily revealed that the company signed 10 contracts worth 22.53 million dinars with local and international companies to carry out some works during the current year, some of which extend for years.

The data showed the KOC has signed a contract worth 7.2 million dinars with Al-Meer Technical Services Company for a comprehensive maintenance contract for the fire and gas detection system in the northern and western regions of Kuwait, while it signed another contract worth 4.8 million dinars with Al-Dar Engineering and Construction Company to implement a new plant for export operations. Another contract worth 2.9 million dinars was signed to carry out electrical modification and lighting decoration works with a local company.

The company signed another contract to employment in management and secretarial work with the Kuwait Resources House Company for Human Resources, while another contract was signed with Al-Meer Company to implement operations services for the gas production facility No. 50 in North Kuwait, at a value of 1.9 million dinars.

The sources indicated that the company signed another contract to replace the shutdown, fire and emergency gas systems at the sea water treatment plant in the North Kuwait region.

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