The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has signed a cooperation agreement with a specialized factory to replace biodegradable bags with the highest international standards. The agreement aims to reduce the negative effects of non-biodegradable plastic waste on human health, living organisms, and the environment, Al Rai Media reported.

The director of the Petrochemical Products Improvement and Development Program at the Petroleum Research Center of the Institute, Dr. Salah Al-Enezi, said in a press statement on Tuesday that the agreement between KISR and the factory aims to improve and develop the factory’s production lines for biodegradable plastic products. The agreement is part of the institute’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility to promote the use of environmentally friendly products and practices.

Al-Enezi added that the project will include conducting standard tests to verify quality, in accordance with the international standards of American organizations for testing materials (ASTM 6956) and the British Standards Institute (8472: 2011). The tests will also assess the degradability of plastic films under natural conditions.

Moreover, the two parties have agreed to carry out joint research projects to develop the factory’s production lines. These activities include exchanging scientific and marketing expertise aimed at promoting a distinctive national product, as well as, the concept of the plastic industry, raising the level of quality. It also includes holding joint workshops, seminars and conferences to consolidate the concept of the plastic industry and environmental decomposition to reduce plastic waste in safe ways in accordance with the approved environmental conditions.

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