The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research said today, that it has obtained a patent from the US Patent Office, as a result of achieving a pioneering scientific achievement in the field of nanotechnology.

The Institute said in a press release that the patent was obtained by the Energy and Building Research Center affiliated with the institute and registered in the name of Dr. Nasser Al-Sayegh and associate scientific researcher Ali Al-Sayegh, reports Al-Rai daily.

The statement added that the researchers developed an innovative technology that is a device capable of manufacturing micro and nano-cooling fluids and measuring their thermal performance in computers that operate with cooling fluids in order to reduce the temperature of the computer processing unit and the graphics processing unit in their single or multiple formats and under their serial or parallel settings.

He explained that the importance of this invention lies in its ability to manufacture developed micro- and nano-cooling fluids in a controlled manner, which saves time and avoids human errors associated with self-production and contributes to reducing the total cost due to the lack of the need for additional external mixing devices to produce such liquids and manpower capable of operating them.

He said that the invention contributes to increasing the efficiency of the cooling system for the current and next generation computers that rely on liquids to cool the processing units used in them, and is environmentally friendly as it does not result in any gas emissions.

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