King Charles III and his wife Camilla are crowned at a lavish Westminster Abbey ceremony on a dreary, rainy day in London, as thousands line the streets in the capital.

The head of the United Kingdom’s main republican group and other antimonarchist activists were arrested at a coronation protest in London hours before the historic events.

Prince Harry, the second son of Charles III, flew in from the United States to attend with scores of other high-profile guests. Scandal-hit royal Prince Andrew, the king’s brother, is also in attendance.

While many are celebrating, a recent YouGov poll in the UK found that just 33 percent of those asked cared about the coronation.

British royalty is sending a message of continuity

Michael Cole, a formal royal correspondent has told Al Jazeera that the British royalty is sending a message of continuity.

“The royalty goes as far back as Alfred the Great in the 9th century. There were coronation ceremonies as far back as 1066. What we witness today is a renewal and a continuation between the special relationship between the monarch and his or her people,” Cole said.

“I’m not only talking about the people of the UK, but also about the commonwealth nations and British territories abroad,” he said.

King Charles III sits as he is crowned with St Edward’s Crown by The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Great excitement as the fly-past flew over Hyde Park

People in Hyde Park are thrilled after the scaled-back military fly-past commemorating the king’s coronation flew over Hyde Park.

“Thought it was going to be more, but still good,” says Simon Hannam. “We’ve been down and watched everything on the big screen.”

“It’s a big deal. I saw the queen being coronoated, this is my second coronation. I just love King Charles. I think he comes across as caring, sensitive man. We need icons, don’t we?” says his mother, Linda Hannam.

Britain’s Queen Camilla leaves Westminster Abbey

Royal couple greet cheering crowds from Buckingham Palace balcony

King Charles III and Queen Camilla wave to cheering crowds along The Mall from the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The prince and princess of Wales, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, Queen Camilla’s grandchildren and some members from their extended family also joined them.

As they waved, the previously scaled-back military fly-past took place, making the vast crowds cheer louder.

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