The Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has underscored the crucial role of financial awareness in safeguarding customers’ financial assets and personal information to prevent falling prey to fraud, particularly when utilizing remote access programs.

This commitment is part of KIB’s active support for the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign initiated by the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Kuwait Banking Association, in collaboration with local banks. It reflects KIB’s dedication to upholding data security and ensuring the safety of banking transactions. reports Al-Anba daily.

Basil Al-Suwaidan, the General Manager of the Information Security, Privacy, and Anti-Fraud Department at KIB, elaborated on the bank’s anti-fraud campaign emphasizing the importance of individuals adhering to the best standards and procedures to fortify the protection of their personal and banking data.

Despite the banks implementing extensive measures and employing advanced cybersecurity systems to secure their technological infrastructure, Al-Suwaidan stressed the vital role of customer awareness in data protection.

He highlighted the significance of using approved anti-virus programs and regularly updating mobile phones to shield smart devices from viruses and security vulnerabilities. Al-Suwaidan emphasized the necessity of these measures, particularly when employing remote access applications that fraudsters exploit to ensnare victims and pilfer their data.

To enhance security further, Al-Suwaidan urged the activation of notifications for scrutinizing and verifying details of each banking transaction, especially when conducting electronic and digital payments. Additionally, he underscored the importance of routinely checking account and credit card balances to ensure comprehensive security.

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