The series of violations continue in Khaitan, but these violations have taken another turn as some fictitious companies are believed to be sheltering runaway domestic workers, but the most dangerous of that was the discovery of restaurants inside apartments and basements which operate without health and hygiene controls, in addition to the lack of security and safety.

This violation is the most prominent that was unearthed by the Tripartite Committee (comprising members from the ministries of Commerce and Industry and Interior and the Kuwait Municipality). The recent tour of the committee resulted in the arrest of dozens of violating workers in one of the houses, selling food in an unhealthy environment.

In one house, two restaurants were operating – one was preparing food for home delivery service and another was found preparing food inside a bedroom. All those arrested have been referred to the concerned authority.

Within one hour, the tripartite committee arrested 62 violators of the labor and residency laws. The area, which was one a model, has been turned into a ‘ghetto’ – a focus of violations and abuses, chaos, crowding, and an influx of street vendors where all kinds of activities are practiced without licenses.

Some of the infringements raised question marks because they have the same civil number although as per law one residential building can get only one commercial license.

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