The Kuwait Chapter of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (KCICAI) successfully hosted yet another highly anticipated event on Indian Economy that unfolded the narrative of “The Incredible rise of Modern India”. The event featured renowned speaker Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea, the founder of Marcellus Investment Managers, a celebrated author and a well-respected figure in the financial industry along with esteemed chief guest Mr. Choji Lamba, Chairman IBPC Kuwait and a prominent figure in the business world.

This insightful Continuing Professional Education (CPE) event which took place recently in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, was attended by a diverse audience of chartered accountants, financial professionals, and business enthusiasts eager to gain insights into India’s economic journey and its future trajectory. The focal point of the evening was the enlightening discourse delivered by Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea, on recent surge in the Indian stock markets, sectors fuelling India’s growth,and the impact of global trends which provided attendees with valuable insights on investment opportunities and strategies.

Highlights of the Seminar:

  1. Economic Analysis:

Mr. Mukherjea commenced the seminar with a small quiz through which he highlighted a comprehensive overview of the Indian economy, analysing key indicators and trends that have contributed to the rise of stock markets. This included factors such as GDP growth, industrial production, inflation rates, and government policies impacting various sectors.

  1. Sectoral Analysis:

The expert delved into a detailed sectoral analysis, highlighting the industries that have witnessed significant growth and potential for further expansion. He emphasized that High cash generation leads to virtuous cycle of wealth creation. In his presentation he discussed sectors such as technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and renewable energy, which have shown resilience and promising prospects.

  1. Investment Strategies:

Attendees gained valuable insights into investment strategies which could be based on criteria such as Consumption, Utility or Pick & Shovel. Further, Mr Mukherjea highlighted the Buy & Sell driving factors based on historic fundamental filters such as Moat score – Stewardship score – Growth score – Terminal Risk score & Idiosyncratic risk score.

Adding to the prestige of the event, Mr. Choji Lamba, the esteemed chief guest, shared his perspectives on the symbiotic relationship between financial institutions and economic development. Lamba’s extensive business experience and his insights into the economic synergies between India and the global market complemented Mukherjea’s analysis.

An engaging and highly informative Q&A session followed the presentation of Mr. Mukherjea. The event received overwhelming positive feedback from all the attendees.  The Institute and its Chapter, remains steadfast in its mission to empower chartered accountants and financial professionals to excel in their roles as stewards of India’s economic success. 

  1. Deepak Bindal, a senior member and past Chairperson of the KCICAI, delightfully hosted the evening and efficiently brought the various phases of the event together. CA. Rabin Gonsalves, Chairperson of KCICAI, in his welcome address, thanked all the attendees for their presence and updated the audience about the recent and upcoming events of the chapter. He also informed its members about other ongoing affairs of the chapter and the various initiatives undertaken by the chapter.

KCICAI Executive committee took the opportunity to announce the 3rd International Conference, its annual flagship event. On behalf of KCICAI Executive committee CA. Aditya Dhanuka, the vice chairperson of KCICAI unveiled the theme “Expand Your Horizons” (C-A-R-E) for the upcoming 3rd International Conference to be held on 16th December 2023.

The event was concluded with a Vote of Thanks from CA. Sweta Chipra, committee member of KCICAI, with the emphasis on such events which play a crucial role in fostering knowledge-sharing, networking, and promoting a deeper understanding of the subject.

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