The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (KCI) at the request of the Kuwait Catering Company (KCC) will cancel (unsubsidized) items included in the ration card, due to citizens’ lack of buying them, as well as the Ministry’s failure to include any new items in the list of subsidized foodstuffs for those who are holding the ration cards.

The Al-Anba daily has learned the ministry is in the process of canceling ‘tea’ and ‘dates’ from the supply branches due to the lack of demand and plenty of these products readily available in supermarkets and coops in abundance.

The sources confirmed the purpose of the ration card is to serve the Kuwaiti citizen and provide him with basic subsidized materials, not to become an outlet for disposal of foodstuffs, so such steps are aimed at preserving the basic objectives for which the ration card was established.

In the same context, the sources confirmed the KCC has prepared a list of companies whose contracts with the company have expired and will not be renewed, for various reasons, including that some of these companies have already withdrawn from the market, or that these companies offer only limited products that are not acceptable to the citizen.

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