The Finance and Investment Committee, emanating from the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, affirmed that the crisis facing the national economy is a real crisis whose seriousness is increased by the critical transformations experienced by the global economy, a crisis that requires the development of a new vision to liberate the Kuwaiti economy from the dominance of oil as a major source of revenue, enabling the private sector to lead the engine of development, and providing an encouraging environment for the private sector to perform its leading role in development and the desired economic reform.

The committee held its second meeting for 2022, as the committee reviewed the items on the agenda, which included discussing issues related to the general economic and financial conditions, and the prospects for economic growth in light of the challenges facing the Kuwaiti economy, whether at the local, regional or international levels in light of the repercussions of the Covid crisis which had clear effects on the local economy during the past two years, while the war on Ukraine came at a time when the world was hoping to recover from the effects of Corona, and the clear impact of this war on the global economy and supply chains and the rise in fuel prices in general.

On the other hand, the Commerce and Transport Committee at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its second meeting for the year 2022, to discuss the best available ways to improve and develop the of logistics infrastructure and operational services for ports and customs outlets, in line with global requirements with the aim of achieving sustainable development that contributes to upgrading the national economy.

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