The Assistant Undersecretary for Foreign Health Services Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Yaqoub Al-Tammar,  inaugurated the Kuwait Airways office in the Overseas Treatment Department, in the presence of the Director of the Department, Dr Tariq Dashti, Head of Administrative Affairs Muhammad Al-Azmi and Head of Government Ticket Issuance Department at Kuwait Airways Mahmoud Hatem.

In this context, Dr. Dashti, told a local Arabic daily that the opening of office comes in cooperation with “Kuwait Airways”, and to facilitate the patients and their companions to issue government tickets to patients, after coordination between the two sides.

Regarding the mechanism for submitting a request for treatment abroad, Dashti indicated that it consists of submitting by the patient or his legal representative a request for treatment abroad with the administration of the hospital in which the patient is being treated after filling out the prescribed form and completing all the required data and documents, including a recent medical report from the treating physician.

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