– Students assist with online check-in of passengers
– Up to 1000 passengers assisted per day

Kuwait, 19 August 2023

Jazeera Airways, Kuwait’s leading low cost carrier partnered with StudentHub to hire students for part time work in Jazeera Terminal 5 at the Kuwait International Airport. These students helped passengers with online check-in at the airport and ensured that the queues moved faster during the busy vacation season. This not only gave the students practical on the job experience and soft skills, but also ensured a more positive customer experience.

Naser Al Obaid, Chief Executive Officer of Jazeera Terminal 5 explained: “At Jazeera Terminal 5, we do our best to offer quick and seamless services for a smoother passenger experience. During the summer season, the number of travellers at T5 goes up significantly and we do our best to be well prepared to handle the rush period. By hiring students from StudentHub, we ensure a faster and easier check-in process for our passengers. This also benefits the students who get a constructive outlet to keep them occupied during the summer. They also learn new communication skills and get real life experience that will help them in their future.”

StudentHub is a company that specializes in providing university students with part-time opportunities through their platform StudentHub.co. This allows the students to get a head start on their careers as part-time paid trainees.

This is the second year that Jazeera has joined hands with StudentHub. Last year, students from the organization assisted in dealing with the record number of passengers that embarked on travel post pandemic. Some of these students also ended up joining T5 as full time employees.

Abdullah Alkhawajah, Terminal Operations Manager at Jazeera Terminal 5 highlighted: “Our partnership with Student Hub helps students prepare for their future careers through on the job training. Students are trained on the processes, procedures and regulations of the airport, enabling them to interact with passengers, inform them about online check-in and also assist them with the online process.”

By completing the online check-in process before reaching the check-in desk, passengers save time and can have more time to relax before their flight. The T5 terminal offers coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores and a money exchange for passengers to grab a bite or finish some last minute preparations for travel.

Jazeera Airways flies to 64 cities across the Middle East, Europe, Central and South Asia as well as Africa. To book your flight to any of these destinations, you can visit the airline’s website (www.jazeeraairways.com), or the Jazeera app.

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