The Jabriya station for measuring rainfall recorded the highest amount of precipitation, since the beginning of the current rainy season until January 25, as the station recorded 241.6 mm, while the Umm Qudair station recorded the lowest amount at 0.3 mm.

Weather specialists and experts expected that the rain-measuring stations would record more numbers than what has been recorded so far, with the end of the rainy season and the Sarayat season, which usually witnesses rain during the end of April and May, reports Al-Rai daily.

The following are the quantities of rainwater that were recorded by meteorological stations and some amateur stations, during the aforementioned period:

Al-Jabriya 241.6 mm, Al-Khiran 200.7, Al-Rumaithiya 167.4, Kaifan 164.7, Al-Yarmouk 163.2, Al-Rabiah 162.54, Kuwait City 161.6, Al-Subiya 155.2, Mina Al-Ahmadi 155.1, Al-Aqeela 154.9, Al-Sabahiya 154.14, Kabad 153, Sabah Al-Ahmad 148.4, Umm Al-Ahmad 148.4, Al -Wafra 139.15, Al -Naseem 137.96, palaces 127.85, Hittin 124.63, Al-Jahra 123.4, Al-Abdali Farm 122.47, International Airport 121.9, Bahra Hoshan 118.8, Ras Al Salmiya 118.5, Al -Abdali 115.83, Gal Al -Lihah 112.2, Bougharin 106.6, Bouhniyah 106.05, Al-Khurai Farm “Al-Wafra” 99.4 Al-Abraq 87.4, Al-Sabriya 56.75, Al-Siddiq 56.1, Al-Salmi 32.4, Al-Nuwaiseeb 22.7, Taima 11, Al-Ritqa 5.5, and Um Qudair 0.3.

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