The head of the surgery department at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Mazidi, said about 1,100 surgeries were performed over the past six months.

Al Mazidi told a local Arabic daily, the operating theaters at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital are distinguished because of the high tech equipment and specialist doctors.

He pointed out that there is a unique operating room that works using the ‘Easy Suite 4K’ integration system, which is fitted with the latest technology in design, implementation and processing, through which communication and information can be transmitted anywhere in the world, with the possibility of transmitting the facts of surgeries directly at international medical conferences.

He stated that the surgeon can also control most of the equipment in this room with a single touch, in addition to the presence of the latest ‘3D/4K’ endoscopic surgery technology, indicating that Jaber Hospital is distinguished by the diversity of surgical specialties from general to specialized surgeries such as ophthalmology, ENT, neurosurgery, and other specialties.

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