Following in the footsteps and a week after announcing the closure of the Mishref Vaccination Center against Covid 19, the Ministry of Health announced the closure of the Jaber Bridge Vaccination Center, last Thursday, after efforts that spanned over 15 months from May 30, 2021, and after performing its role in a distinguished manner during a delicate stage of confronting the epidemic, which contributed to the improvement of the epidemiological situation.

The center, which was set up on an area of 30,000 square meters on the southern island of Jaber Bridge, was among the most prominent centers for the vaccination campaign to confront the epidemic, along with the Kuwait Vaccination Center in the exhibition grounds in the Mishref region.

The center succeeded in providing vaccination service to 187,919 people, in addition to providing swabs to school students, as well as pilgrims before and after travel to holy places.

With the closure of the center, the administrative supervisor of the center, Dalal Al-Ajmi, thanked all its employees. She said, “The pandemic brought us together, we shared a lot of fatigue and achievements, and there were unforgettable moments despite all the pressure.”

Addressing the center’s employees, she added: “All words of thanks do not repay you even a small part of your effort, in appreciation of your constant and continuous giving, thank you from the heart, my fellow heroes of the Jaber Bridge Center for your outstanding and mighty effort, cooperation and sincerity in working for the success of the center.”

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