IWG Symposium in collaboration with Jarallah German

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the International Women’s Group held a symposium in collaboration with the Al Jarallah German Specialized Center entitled “TOGETHER WE CAN END CERVICAL CANCER”.

According to the World Health Organization, cervical cancer ranks second among the most common cancers that infect and cause deaths among women around the world. It became incumbent upon all concerned to create awareness of how to prevent this type of cancer.

The group’s president, Italian ambassador spouse, Christiana Balducci, opened the meeting with the importance of raising awareness of women’s health.

This was followed by a speech in which Dr. Ali Zadeh, CEO of the Center, explained the leading role of the Center in creating awareness among different segments of society.

Dr. Maamoun Al-Qaseer, a Consultant Clinical Virologist, explained the risks of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection. And the importance of early detection to avoid cervical cancer. He confirmed that the HPV vaccine has proven to be highly effective in preventing infection. Tests aimed at early detection of the disease also help to enhance treatment and prevention opportunities to increase full recovery and survival.

The Board member of Jarallah German, Mr. Mehrdad Zadeh concluded a thanking speech to the International Women’s Group for giving the center the chance to raise awareness in the community, highlighting that the cervical cancer awareness campaign has been going on since January, and the importance of the center’s vaccination and early detection programs.

He confirmed that the center is equipped with laboratory services for the detection of cervical cancer and gynecologists to enhance women’s awareness in the State of Kuwait.

In the end, the International Women’s Group offered a shield of thanks to Jarallah German for their contribution to this effective symposium.

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