Massimiliano Boggetti, newly elected president of the Alisei National Life Sciences Technology Cluster – and current President of Confindustria Medical Devices – visited Kuwait and held a series of  meetings with the institutional and business leaders of the area, including the Minister of Health H.E. Dr. Khalid  Al-Saeed and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed Jassem Al-Sager.

Among the topics discussed were the research and innovation of the Life Sciences system and technology transfer. A step forward for the Italian Life Sciences sector, with a view to resuming a dialogue wisely created in past decades and with the hope that these meetings can open the doors to future strategic projects for the sector, activate synergies and generate a long-term collaboration between the leaders of the two countries.

“As the newly elected President of the Alisei Cluster – Massimiliano Boggetti said the visit represents the first of a long series of cross-border meetings that are part of a larger project that we intend to carry out during my term.

“My trip to Kuwait gives us not only a historic opportunity, but bases its success on the ability that our country will be able to demonstrate in creating a system. I see the Alisei Cluster as a ‘catalyst subject’ of the Life Sciences, counted among the excellences of the “Made in Italy”, concludes Boggetti.

“The extremely favourable dynamics of relations between Italy and Kuwait – affirms the Ambassador of Italy in H.E. Carlo Baldocci – suggested that we investigate the opportunities to develop important synergies in the research and innovation sectors, also verifying possible strategic collaborations for the promotion of the Life Sciences sector in Kuwait and in the entire Gulf region.

Kuwait – and more generally the Gulf countries – have always shown great interest in the Italian reality in Life Sciences, recognizing a strong connotation of excellence. The will is to be able to consolidate the exchange of know-how between the two countries, already linked by excellent diplomatic and commercial relations, to continue uphill in the investment in Life Sciences, shedding light and shining the spotlight on the creation of strategic collaborations for the promotion of the sector.

The Alisei National Life Sciences Technology Cluster confirms itself as a leading promoter in the interaction between the multidisciplinary research system, the pharmaceutical-biomedical industrial fabric and the public institutions in the health sector, with the aim of giving a concrete impulse to research and innovation in Italy.

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